KYC prevents
reputation damage high fines

Knowing your client, knowing who you are doing business with is more important than ever. The role of gatekeeper is shifting more and more from the government to your organization. We ensure that you have a good night’s sleep.

Efficient and cost-effective

We have many years of practical experience with the requirements arising from the regulations against money laundering and combat the financing of terrorism (AML/CTF Act). What, where and how to search in combination with our unique software tool ensures a fast and reliable delivery of your report.

Integrity & Anonymous

The AML/CTF Act places high demands on your client acceptance process. Our research leaves no digital trace and the procedures we follow are completely GDPR proof.

KYC and much more

For many transactions, banks will expect a AML/CTF Act-proof file from your relationship, even if it does not fall under the AML/CTF Act. This ensures that your company and your activities fall indirectly under the scope of the AML/CTF Act.

With our solutions you quickly know whether potential clients appear on Sanction Lists or have a PEP status.

About us

DataWorx, KYC and more….

We work from the conviction that establishing a sustainable client relationship starts with an efficient, honest and transparent client acceptance process.

All our team members have worked in the financial services industry for many years. Permanent education keeps our team continuously abreast of evolving laws and regulations.

DataWorx regularly carries out complex compliance assignments, in which we collect data and process it into intelligence. In addition, we can map out the risks together with clients and advise on mitigating measures and the correct design of your governance structure.

Our team assists international companies with establishing a branch in the Netherlands and opening bank accounts.

  • ZDaily experience with Integrity and Reputation Investigations since 2004
  • ZContinuous external training with regard to AML/CTF Act, integrity, reputation & risk management
  • ZDirectors approved by the Dutch Central Bank
  • ZPermit granted by the Ministry of Justice and Security. POB number 7461

Our people

The DataWorx team


Our solutions

With our data technology and data analytics we accelerate your KYC process. Depending on your sector, we also offer modular options in addition to standard packages. If you wish, DataWorx can compile a complete AML/CTF Act file for you.

Laat ons weten waar u meer info over wilt ontvangen

KYC base

Sanction & PEP control, extensive search engine search, social media scan, organization chart

KYC plus

KYC basic + analysis results and any recommendations, drawing up client file, analysis of missing information, 24/7 control and annual review

KYC customization

KYC plus + substantiation structure, analysis results, compiling complete AML/CTF Act file, 24/7 control & annual review

Modular options

Bulk scan (Sanction & PEP), specific search Engine Bolean scan, specific social media scan, extensive personal investigation, dark web investigation, investigation of provenance, investigation of cadastral property/statutory roles and bankruptcy, identification and verification of personal data


Tools, Software & Resources

 DataWorx conducts internet research that meets the highest privacy requirements (GDPR) combined with a secure infrastructure. For example, we use distinctive OSINT software, which allows us to perform anonymous, secure and worldwide searches without your name being known.

Anonymous open source intelligence research

Global Sanctions & PEP Database

Access to "bad press/adverse media"

Access to various company registers

Automated BOLEAN and social media search

Anonymous access to Deep web and Dark web

anonieme open source intelligence research

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We work for various types of organizations

Legal profession

DataWorx helps attorneys meet all regulatory requirements for client adoption. We guarantee the AML/CTF Act process for you.

Administration offices

DataWotx helps administrative offices to carry out their client acceptance process efficiently and with integrity. The BFT Supervisor requires administrative offices to carry out a structured client acceptance process and submit a Wwft proof file.

Insurance offices

DataWorx helps you to quickly, efficiently and therefore cost-saving to shape your client acceptance process. A sustainable client relationship starts with a well-structured acceptance process.

Tax advice

European law ensures that so-called Directives on Administrative Cooperation (DACs) are issued via Mandatory Disclosure Rules (MDRs) and that these are transposed into anti-national legislation. Think recently of DAC6. In addition, you must identify and report unusual transactions. An indispensable part of your relationship with your (future) client is a documented AML/CTF Act proof client acceptance file. DataWorx can take care of that.

Real Estate

The real estate sector is and is regarded as a sector with an increased risk of money laundering and unusual transactions. You want to know who you are doing business with and the origin of the assets in transactions. The AML/CTF Act requires you to conduct this investigation before entering into a client relationship or executing a transaction and to document this. Your bank increasingly requests information from you in advance for transactions. DataWorx conducts this investigation efficiently, anonymously and with due observance of the privacy rules and, if desired, provides a AML/CTF Act proof file.

Notary's office

A notary must identify all parties involved in a deed and verify the origin of the assets. Is an involved party on a sanctions list or is it a PEP? Company structures must be mapped out, checked and documented in advance. You must report unusual transactions to the FIU, in short a whole range of requirements that the AML/CTF Act imposes on the notarial profession. DataWorx helps the notarial profession to design this process anonymously, with integrity and efficiently.


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Permit granted by the Ministry of Justice and Security. POB number 74612024